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Participation Forms

If you wish to participate in the Cuban Parade of New Jersey

as a group, organization, individual with a float or an authorized vehicle, you must fill out the

following form request (Below) and receive an approval letter by the parade committee before May 10, 2020.


Si usted quiere participar el el Desfile y Festival Cubano como grupo, organizacion con un vehiculo con

sus logos de su negocio por favor de llenar el formulario que sigue para que reciba su permiso antes del 10 de Mayo 2020.

























Please be advised that we will not permit the use of the parade for electioneering or touting of votes for any

candidate or candidates.

Nota importante: No se les permitira el uso del Desfile o el Festival para politiquiar.

        No se les permitira distribucion de articulos politicos.

                      No se les permitira pancartas o bolantes promoviendo ningun

candidato o partido politico.

(Strictly enforced)  (Esta ley es bien Enforzada)


Vehicle - Group - Organization Request Form / Formulario de Participacion

Please fill out the information below to receive an authorization permit to participate in our event, please note that no vehicle, group or organization will be allowed to participate in the parade route without an authorization permit. Thank You


Favor de llenar el formulario para poder recibir el permiso de participacion en la Parada Cubana. No se permite participacion de ningun grupo, organizacion, vehiculo sin el permiso dado por: Cuban Parade & Festival Events. Gracias

Your details were sent successfully!

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